An innovative word processor designed to help you concentrate on your writing
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OmmWriter is an innovative word processor designed to help you concentrate on your writing. With a beautiful Zen-like mood and soothing music, it offers an ideal environment to focus on the actual task of writing. It is a great choice for writers, editors, bloggers, and anyone who needs to write without distractions.

The application uses a minimalistic, clean interface that works in full-screen mode showing only the necessary space to carry out the writing task. As you write you only get to see a text box and an abstract background where text looks really clear and crisp. If you move your mouse, the program will display a toolbar with a few buttons and will also activate the main menu. The application can read and save documents with the .txt and .omm extensions, the latter being its native format.

OmmWriter offers the basic features and functions found in a word processor. From the toolbar or simply by using hotkeys, you can save your text, open a new document, or change the font style and size. Common operations like cut, copy/paste, and undo/redo are also available through hotkeys. You can adjust the size of the text box, move it around the screen, and place it where it's more convenient for you. Another feature I found very useful is the word counter that appears at the bottom of the screen.

As for the visual aspect, there is an option that lets you change the layout colors and backgrounds. The free edition includes only three backgrounds with different textures and abstract landscapes. Music, on the other hand, consists of relaxing, ambient tunes, and there are three melodies to choose from in the Dana I edition. With a good pair of headphones, the experience is all the more enjoyable. It's possible to turn off the music if your like, too.

I completely fell in love with this application the first time I saw it, mainly because the idea behind it is really innovative. Its layout and design is original, minimalist, and beautiful, providing an environment that makes writing a real pleasure.

OmmWriter comes in two editions, Dana I (which is totally free, no ads), and Dana II, which offers extra audio and visual content.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Minimalist, clean environment that lets you focus on your work.
  • Works with two formats, one of them TXT.
  • The free edition is really free, without ads


  • A bit heavy on system resources
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